The 1 Month Walking Program For Weight Loss

Losing weight by walking for a month

Walking is one of the most natural exercises available to mankind. All it takes is a pair of sneakers and some well-planned resolution to start. An improved mood is not the sole benefit of walking and research suggests that incorporating it into your normal routine in the form of moderately-intense walking showed a similarly visible decrease in threat for hypertension, heart problem, high cholesterol, as well as diabetes when matched with vigorous-intensity running.

Health experts have suggested that something is better than nothing and any hint of walking adds up and has numerous health benefits for practitioners. Just in case you have actually made it a habit of avoiding the fitness center and currently the only exercise you get is walking from your home to the vehicle or the mailbox, then adding in 10, 20 or 30-minute sessions will make a significant difference in your daily life. A good diet plan might help you even more, but is not essential for this to work.

Planning is essential to achieve focused outcomes and experts have designed this 4-week strategy to aid burning 200—300/session. (Disclaimer: Caloric burn is an estimation only, this number will differ according to an individual, body make-up, initiative, and so on. For an extra accurate reading, a tracking tool or heart rate monitor will really help).


The basic objective of each session is to burn approximately 200 — 300 calories and also, at the end of the month, you must feel ready boosting the walk’s duration, speed, and mileage. You can likewise locate methods to make it tougher, like adding weights, once you have actually grasped the strategy.


You need to help your body plan for the upcoming initiative by enhancing blood flow to your muscles and this can be achieved by incorporating dynamic stretches into your pre-walk regimen. Examples can include butt kicks without hopping, knee pulls till chest level and also lateral leg swings for starters. Most of the exercise problems are encountered when we skip or shorten the duration of these stretching movements. Consider this a part of the exercise routine and aid in calorie burn and your joints will thank you later.


It might be too early to discuss this but serious exercise enthusiasts can incorporate strength-building movements like crouches, planks, lunges, as well as push-ups into your routine, using just your bodyweight or opting for dumbbells, resistance bands or other fitness equipment of your selection. For beginners or immediate fitness enthusiasts, bodyweight exercises and resistance bands are encouraged.

Take a look at the chart below (print it if you want):

1 month walking plan for weight loss
Start with these, then gradually increase the times


By maintaining a strong pace, you will naturally increase your heart output as well as intensity. Beginning this workout with a 5-min warm up to start your body moving (3 out of 10 RPE — or price of perceived exertion), then progressing to 20 mins of exercise initiative and concluding with a 5-minute cooldown.

4 minutes: Walk at a consistent, brisk speed (intensity: 5 out of 10 RPE); you should be able to chat, but your breathing will be at a fast pace).

4 mins: Move at steady, brisk speed (intensity: 7 out of 10; you ought to be able to have brief concerns, but not be able to continue a full discussion).

2 mins: As quickly as possible and you shouldn’t be able to hold a discussion at this point.


Begin this exercise with a 5-minute warmup to get your body moving (3/10 intensity), followed with 30 minutes of effort and a 5-minute cooldown. Throughout your stable state walk, intensity must be maintained between 6 to 7 RPE, and also you should be able to hold minor conversations. This walk will feel easier as the month progresses.


It’s very easy when you have a treadmill ready to find a particular incline, set it and start climbing. However, it’s also wonderful to attempt this outside your home and locate a hillside in your area that will take approximately 3 minutes to walk up. Adhering to an intensity of 7, walk the hill. Return to the beginning (going downhill) at an intensity of 5. Preferably, you’ll be able to finish this cycle at least 4 times during the day’s exercise.

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It is necessary to let this program satisfy you according to existing potential. Possibly cranking out a 30-minute start-to-finish walk on the very first day feels impossible, which is completely fine. If 30 minutes is too much then begin with as little as 10 minutes and vary your walking speed. Every step counts and you’ll feel the difference after the first week. Little adjustments and additions to your walking program will make a huge difference and support future exercise programs.

On the other hand, if this feels too easy, then add resistance provided by weights. Whether it’s your real walk or the strength-training activities, please ensure you’ve got the fundamentals locked down before upping the ante. Physical injuries are not an acceptable outcome and consult with a certified trainer to ensure you are on the right track.

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