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Tae Bo


Billy Blanks Tae Bo is an exercise that stands for Total Awareness Excellent Body Obedience. It is an exercise that combines hip hop dancing, Boxing, ballet and Tae Kwon Do. Tae Bo, Billy Blanks these names go hand in and for Billy Blanks created Tae Bo in the late 1980's. The history of Tae Bo begins with Billy Blanks who won a world karate championship seven times and is a black belt in seven different martial arts. In the basement of his own home, Billy Blanks developed Tae Bo.

A great way to do Tae Bo exercise is to purchase a Tae Bo DVD. After you do a Tae Bo work out you will be able to answer the question: Does Tae Bo work? One's own experience is invaluable. Maybe you would like to try Tae Bo, but want to know if it works first without having to spend money on it. There are ways that you can find free Tae Bo techniques, videos, etc. to help you with this. Internet searches, talking with friends and Borrowing their videos, different things can be done to give you a feel for the Tae Bo exercise without having to lose any money in the process. Or maybe you can find a Tae Bo shipping coupon code which will help you save money if you decide to purchase a Tae Bo DVD.

And, if your experience with the Tae Bo DVD went well then maybe you would like to try Tae Bo amped, an advanced set of Tae Bo DVDs that are sure to make you feel the burn of an incredible high impact workout. According to the company, they state that within seven days you will see and feel a difference. Or maybe you need intermediate Tae Bo training. Why not go to a intermediate Tae Bo class?

There are numerous Tae Bo benefits that you will enjoy after practicing the exercise. You will see an improvement in your coordination, your balance, and greater tone and definition in your Body and muscles. And, this of course will help give you more energy and will help you feel better overall in all aspects of your life. And if you want an added Boost of energy, why not try Tae Bo energy formula? If you like to track your progress, you can purchase a calories burn chart in Tae Bo. This can help you monitor how effectively you are burning unwanted calories while using Tae Bo exercise methods.