How To Build Up Your Running Motivation

build up your running motivation

Running is a full-body workout on steroids and is a guaranteed way to lose weight and stay fit. If we go back two generations ago, physical exercise was a part of life as cars, motorcycles were not a prevalent form of transport. Walking was a common exercise and the quality of food was definitely better. The only way we can keep up with the same activity level is by ensuring that running is part of our daily fitness mantra. There are several excuses stopping us from running. Let’s look at the prominent excuses and how we can mitigate them by accessing the benefits of running.

Bonus: Some motivational Running graphics at the end

Excuse#1: I’m lacking motivation

This is probably the foundation of all excuses that support a sedentary lifestyle. It’s also completely understandable while sitting on a couch, watching Netflix and munching on a bag of chips. However, do reconsider whether you want this image to define your life. At the basis of running is a desire of self-improvement or wanting to experience a better vision of our selves. This doesn’t come easily therefore you have to plan for it. A proper training plan shared with friends or online running communities will get us off the couch.

These running communities or friends support our journey and instill discipline into the effort. This means that skipping a run means you are letting down your companions. This physical interaction is necessary to gain support, exchange ideas and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The motivation can involve developing the ability to run a marathon or participating in charity runs that really help others. Whatever, the reason may be we have to find a core purpose and stick to it.

Excuse#2: I’m bad at running

Sometimes, we are truly wishing for a good run but are bogged down by the possibility of knee pain or some other ailment. The first thing to understand that our evolution has allowed us to perfect running and speed records are constantly being broken. In case we do have a genuine issue, consulting a physician usually helps as specific warm-up exercises ease knee pain or other problems. We have to internalize that running is possible and we will excel at it. Attitude matters!

Excuse#3: The weather is not supportive

In some cities there are only 2-3 months of ideal weather in which we can fulfill our running ambition. However, human psychology is designed to persevere over the odds. Once you have decided running is the way to a healthy lifestyle then weather will play a limited role in the equation. Every weather form can be mitigated through adequate apparel and advancements in technology have made them affordable. In case you are faced with dangerous weather, then commit to a tabata workout at home. Whatever, the situation may be don’t skip physical exercise.

Excuse#4: I’m bored while running

Running involves visual scenery that is normally not part of our daily commute. If we are running in a park at morning, the scenery and atmosphere automatically energize us. Depending on your interests, you can use available media to listen to news, books or motivational material. Be creative while running and you will never consider any day boring. If possible running with a friend removes the boring portion and you get a better idea of each other’s lives.

Excuse#5: I’m too tired

We might feel that we possess certain reserves of energy and that running will deplete them leading to loss of productivity. In reality, expending energy while running enables you to access fuel stores that are achieved by endorphins’ release by the brain. This way when you sleep you are genuinely tired and your energy levels are restored throughout the day. (article continues after the picture below)

person about to start running

The next part of the article discusses why running is the ultimate exercise for you. Several studies suggest that running extends your life and leads to the release of stress, therefore let’s look at some of these motivating factors. In the end, we’ll also add some motivational graphics about running, cause, why not! 🙂

  • Improves heart muscles

The heart muscles support the running activity by pumping faster and stronger in accordance with the exercise’s intensity. This means a spike in heart rate and ultimately a stronger heart. This improved heart leads to better blood circulation and lower possibility of high blood pressure. The risk of cardiac strain during rest and activity is also reduced leading to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Strengthens bone formation

Our body literally adapts to the pressure we exert on it and bone formation is a prime example. The stress increase on our bones during running, ends up stimulating bone formation. Provided that exercise is based on a sound running technique and the body is allowed to benefit from a recovery period, chances of bone loss and osteoporosis will decline in the future.

  • Running lowers cholesterol levels

HDL (good) and LDL (bad) cholesterol carriers are found in our body. The bad (LDL) cholesterol is directly reduced by high intensity exercises. Combining tabata with running achieves this purpose. Stroke, heart attack and coronary diseases are reduced by moderate exercises that increase the HDL levels. In a nutshell, running is naturally good for cholesterol levels.

  • Lowers blood sugar

Apart from heart and cholesterol levels, running has a positive effect on blood sugar level. The sugar in our blood is actively required to fuel the muscles used during running. This automatically decreases blood sugar levels in our body and studies show that insulin sensitivity is increased due to running. This sensitivity improves our metabolism’s ability to maintain blood sugar levels within healthy reference points. This has the added advantage of preventing diabetes in the future.

  • Bolsters metabolism and energy

In order to achieve weight loss, you have to spike your metabolism and running is the best way to do that. It also increases energy levels after a run and benefits throughout the day. Improved lung capacity and better circulation mean that we are physically proficient at everyday tasks. High intensity and low intensity workouts provide different ways to stimulate fat burn, based on one’s physical characteristics.

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We have gone through all the excuses that prevent us from incorporating running exercise in our daily schedule. The reality is that the five benefits of running are too important to ignore. If running is part of our life, we feel good and actually achieve health benefits that improve age and physical attributes. Furthermore, our body was designed for physical activities and running is the easiest way we can achieve this purpose. Mix up the duration and intensity of your runs and you will feel invigorated after each session. Running is a no-brainer that can be enjoyed by the whole family and improves society.

Now, as promised, here are some cool motivational posters/pictures for running motivation:

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