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10 easy steps to a healthier you

10 Easy Steps To A Healthier ‘You’

If you go around asking people about their health aspirations, very few will report that they like being unhealthy and want to carry on with the same lazy, non-productive lifestyle. Most of us have 1-2 problems that affect our health goals i.e. being overweight, smoking problem or drinking tendencies. Either of these issues or a […]

build up your running motivation

How To Build Up Your Running Motivation

Running is a full-body workout on steroids and is a guaranteed way to lose weight and stay fit. If we go back two generations ago, physical exercise was a part of life as cars, motorcycles were not a prevalent form of transport. Walking was a common exercise and the quality of food was definitely better. […]

4 Fitness_Tips for success

Four Tips For Success In Your Fitness Journey

The keys to getting fit, staying fit, or improving your fitness, always remain the same: hard work, consistency, and diet. Unfortunately, the discipline and dedication necessary to reach your fitness goals are difficult to maintain. It is natural to get bored with your routine, frustrated with your progress, and tired of your diet. Even the […]